• Research Themes

    1. Multiscale Mechanics and Design Optimization
    2. Additive manufacturing and Applications for Green Technologies
    3. Metamaterials and metastructures
    4. Applied Mechanics: applications of the above in:
      • ┬áStructural Development of Airframes (Current interest: Blended Wing Body (BWB) Configuration)
      • Rotor Blades
      • Biomedical Applications: Orthopedics and Dental Implants
    5. Aeroelastic Loads Recovery Applications (effect of mass and stiffness re-distribution on the evolution of critical design loads)
  • Current Projects:

    • Multidisciplinary Framework for Optimization of a Wingbox (MuFox)
    • Structural Development of Eco-Efficient Commercial Aircraft
    • Additively Manufactured Unmanned Aerial System with Blended Wing Body Configuration
    • Ultrasonic Nanocrystal Surface Treatment for Fatigue Performance of Additively Manufactured Metals.
    • CT-Scan Based Biomedical Implants Tailored for Orthopedic Applications.