MASc Students

  1. Effects of Inertial and Geometric Nonlinearities in the Simulation of Dynamic Response of Flexible Aircraft. (Filled)
  2. Reduced Structural Model Development for Aeroelastic Analysis of Complex Airframe Structures(Filled)
  3. Theoretical and Experimental Fatigue Analysis of Fibre Metal Laminates Under Mechanical Cyclic Loading. (Open)
  4. Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Crash Worthiness and Impact Loading Analysis of Fibre Metal Laminates. (Open)
  5. Standard/Modified GLARE Fatigue Analysis Under Combined Cyclic and Impact Loading. (Open)
  6. Standard/Modified GLARE Fatigue Analysis Under Thermal Cyclic Loading. (Open)
  7. Standard/Modified GLARE Dynamic/Vibration Behaviour and Damping Characteristics. (Open)
  8. Multiscale Characterisation and Design Optimisation of New Generation of Ultralight Hybrid Ballistic Materials. (Open)