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  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Composite Airframe

Aircraft Structural Design Optimization

Aircraft Structural Design Optimization

Aircraft loads during flight can be distinguished into dynamic and static load components. The former stems from the dynamic response of the airframe due to external excitation such as gust. While the later stems from the aerodynamic pressure distribution on the Outer Mold Line of the aircraft during flight. Identification of aircraft critical loads envelop requires a lengthy and rigorous analysis procedure that includes simulating the aircraft at millions of load cases identified in the certification requirements as well as those cases specifically defined by the aircraft maker. Currently, airframe design optimization process is conducted employing a set of deterministic critical load cases. Nevertheless, aircraft design is multidisciplinary. Structural modifications during design optimization result in new mass and stiffness distribution which changes aircraft dynamic response and applied loads. At the same time, with the expected aircraft weight reduction and consequent airframe flexibility, it is necessary to consider airframe geometrical and inertial nonlinearities and their effect on aircraft aeroelastic response, flight dynamics and loads.

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