The mission of the Aerospace Materials & Structures Laboratory (AMS-Lab) is the development and design optimization of high-performance metamaterials and structural systems for aerospace applications with particular emphasis on future concepts of aircraft, spacecraft and UAVs.

Advanced Hybrid Materials in Boeing 787 - source Boeingimages

Advanced Hybrid Materials in Boeing 787 – source Boeingimages

Design of aerospace structural systems involves interaction of multiple disciplines requiring a highly coupled analysis to evaluate their overall performance. For this purposes, our daily activities involve multiscale mechanics, fracture mechanics, finite elements modelling, design optimization, additive manufacturing, aeroelasticity and loads recovery applications and experimental mechanics.

We develop design solutions relevant to industrial needs. The final product of our research can be a fundamental scientific concept, a scaled prototype of an innovative technology or a computer software for the use in the aerospace industry.

Our research team, led by Dr. Mostafa El Sayed, consists of graduate students, with degrees in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering, postdoctoral fellows/associates, research assistants, interns and undergraduate students who execute the projects carried out at our lab.

Thank you for your interest in the AMS-Lab and we hope to hear from you!